Onlyfans - How much money can you expect to make?

September 20, 2022

So how much money can you really make with Onlyfans... ?

To answer this question, we first need to understand how much your average (or top 50% in Onlyfans terms) content creator makes with Onlyfans, how much the top 10% makes, and finally how much top 1% makes. After, we will need to look at what is required for each, and then you can set your expectations accordingly - having right expectations is key when it comes to Onlyfans, anything else is a fast train to disappointment and deletion of your page.

So how much money do content creators make in Onlyfans really!

Your average Onlyfans creator makes about $150 per month. Anything over, and you have done better than half the creators for the last 30 days, have a drink on us!

This creator made $200 to become top 44% in the last 30 days

Obviously $150 per month for most people is not worth spending time on. So how much do the real players make? Top 10% don't make much more unfortunately, only about $650 per month. It only starts to get juicy at 1%, so you have to be doing better than 99%. Imagine if you were in a class in school, you would basically have to be the best performing student in your year. This is what is required to be top 1%, and you would make around $10,000 per month. Below is a breakdown of figures within top 10%, as you can see the closer you are to 1%, the higher the jumps in earnings become. To the victor go the spoils, the rich get richer, and the top Onlyfans creators get all the honey!

  • 10% $648
  • 7.6% $1,155
  • 6.9% $1,441
  • 6.4% $1,468
  • 6,1% $1,473
  • 5.1% $1,888
  • 4.9% $2,106
  • 4.5% $2,214
  • 3.9% $2,595
  • 3% $3,429
  • 2.3% $4,524
  • 1.9% $5,470
  • 1.5% $7,463
  • 1.3% $7,733
  • 1.1% $9,521
  • 0.95% $10,808
  • 0.89% $11,718
  • 0.85% $11,919
  • 0.83% $12,562
  • 0.79% $13,912
  • 0.71% $14,269
  • 0.68% $14,430
  • 0.67% $14,900
  • 0.62% $15,698
  • 0.58% $16,765
  • 0.56% $17,154
  • 0.49% $19,316
  • 0.41% $22,978
  • 0.37% $24,500
  • 0.22% $35,885
  • 0.18% $39,496
  • 0.17% $44,085
  • 0.07% $74,681
  • 0.03% $103,306

So what do I actually have to do to make this money?

Top 50% - $150 per month

To make $150 and get to top 50% you don't have to do much, having a page with about 50 pieces of content (photos and short videos), and social media presence which funnels customers to your page should get you there. Just make sure you spend about 30 mins daily on social media content, and you will get there.

Top 10% - $650 per month

This is where on top of spending some time on social media, you will need to start mastering the art of milking your fans, oops, I mean the art of serving your fans. You will need to be chatting to your fans, and also upselling them. If you manage to make $20-$30 out of each fan monthly, which with proper upselling and chatting shouldn't be too hard, it means you only need about 25 fans to actually hit $650 per month.

Getting as successful as Monica will take a lot of work, loads of trial and error, and some luck. But it is possible.

Top 1% - $10,000 per month

This is where the big boys are made, if you manage to hit 1% you know you are doing something very right. To hit $10k per month, your chatting and upselling game will need to be on point. No more leaving money on the table, you will want to aim for at least $50 from each customer per month. This is an average obviously, many will spend a big fat $0, but some will also spend $200, even $300 or more dollars. Value those fans, love them, and pray to gods that you get more of them.

So if we make $50 per subscriber, that means we need 200 subscribers per month. To get this number, you will have to spend a bit more time than just 30 mins per day doing Tiktoks and Insta reels. You will want to get really good at preferably two platforms, whether it be Tiktok, Insta, Reddit, Twitter, even Youtube, and really push as much content as possible. This means using multiple phones, accounts, pumping out 3 Tiktoks on each 3-4 different accounts, dozens of photos on Reddit daily, Tiktok lives daily, Youtube videos almost daily, etc.

You also will need to think about your niche and branding, it will help tremendously hit your target. Are you a hot young lady that can dance for hours, twerk for days, and loves dirty talk - well we already know what kind of content we will make on Tiktok (twerking and dancing) and Onlyfans (naughty videos with loads of dirty talk and maybe some femdom). Branding also needs to be on point, you like hotpants and colour green? Make that your brand and show off your hotpants everywhere, and brand everything with green and another colour that goes with it like orange. Basic branding taken care of.

Final words

Making $10,000 on Onlyfans is not easy, and is a daily grind, especially at the start. It is possible, you just have to go about it in a clever way, and you have to keep going when you feel like giving up. That is the truth, and that is why most creators make literally nothing on the platform, and would be better off spending their time doint something else. However, if you can grind away at things, and if you are ready to switch your brain on and take things in your hands, there is a lot of money to be made here.


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