How to market yourself and choose your niche

October 11, 2022

So how do you actually market yourself and stand out from the rest?

There are over 2 million creators on OF, but also a lot of registered customers, around 200 million to be exact. The problem is that they spend most of their money on top content creators, and who can blame them, if you have 200 options that all cost $10 you will obviously go for the best and most famous one. That is why the best content creators just get richer, while everyone else lags behind with $50 in their wallet.

To get around this issue if you are a new creator which has zero likes, and no clout compared to the established stars - you have to offer something unique & high quality at the same time. Same old stuff just does not cut it anymore in this space. You have to be DIFFERENT. Kinda like Apple used to be.

You have to be 👑

So how do you find a way to differentiate yourself in this sea of OnlyFans creators?

While this might seem like an impossible task at first, it isn't that hard if you take some time to think about it using the guide below.

First all of, think about what do you like to do in life?

It can be anything, from cooking to tennis, from walking to sunbathing. If nothing comes into your mind, here are some more examples: singing, drawing, painting, dancing, acting, photography, cosplay, video games, board games, magic tricks, gardening, knitting, hiking, walking, swimming, camping, yoga. You can always Google to find more ideas. Note down what you like.

Secondly, what popular TV shows, movies, cartoons, or games do you like?

It can be anything from Game of Thrones to Barbie. Again, note it down. Here are some ideas if you are struggling to remember anything: Charlie's Angels, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Crown, Simpsons, Batman, Hulk, Scrubs, Sex and the City, Stranger Things, The Office, Fortnite, Minecraft, Final Fantasy, Genshin Impact, Demon Slayer, The Legend of Zelda, Frozen.

Just as mentioned earlier, ideally you really do want it to be something you enjoy in those lists - these hobbies will become an integral part of your daily life after all.

Now take your list - imagine it included Batman movies, volleyball, swimming, and beaches. Incorporate all that into one character, and make it sexy. That is your unique offering. So now you can take videos/photos of your favorite Batman heroes playing volleyball and swimming, and looking good enough to pay that $20 sub for.

On top of this, about your attributes that you can't change.

This can be your race, height, breast size, etc - and look to incorporate them. You can now promote yourself as a Latin Batman Cosplayer that loves photos at the beach and while swimming... and enjoys twerking while showing off her assets.

This is the kind of Batman people would actually pay to watch!

Latin Batman Universe Twerking & Swimming & Volleyball playing Onlyfans creator.

Sounds like a very unique offering - and that is how it should be. Usually the more specific and individual your niche/offering is, the better. Also, don't be scared to add elements to it, play around and enjoy it! If you also like Marvel, feel free to dress up as your favorite Marvel heroes as well. Just keep it consistent so that your fans know what to expect.

Make your content as unique & niche as possible - leggy India blonde that loves to get oiled up and hit the beach & read cards for people there (for social media marketing) & then do it in private for OF subs naked... PERFECT

Now market yourself everywhere - post photos of yourself on Insta dressed up as Poison Ivy, make TikToks where you chill out on the beach as Catwoman (only with the mask on :), and make short naughty videos on xtube where you are dressed up as Batgirl playing volleyball topless. Let your imagination run wild. This also bring us to the other, more adult content theme / niche that you also want to think about. In OnlyFans where you post the adult content, you will want to think about what you will specialize in exactly. Will it be playing with toys and and covering yourself in oil, or will be something different like making very x-rated videos with your partner, with a bunch of different fetishes, all while dressed up in different superhero costumes? Think about this as well - this is how you will actually get people to resign every month to your page.

Now people know what you are about, and what you bring to the table - they will feel like you provide something unique and your subs will only grow.

Let this knowledge guide you!


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