Should You Use OnlyFans Free Trials?

February 27, 2023

Are OnlyFans free trials actually worth it?

You’ve created some amazing content and are trying your best to promote your page. However, the most interesting images and videos are hidden behind a paywall. How can you give people a taste of what you offer to encourage them to sign up for more? That’s where OnlyFans free trials come in.

What is a free trial

A free trial on OnlyFans is a promotion offered by a content creator to give free access for a period of time, usually a week or even a month. OnlyFans as a company does not offer free trials, leaving everything in the hands of the creators. You can create a broad promotion to allow everyone free access for a set amount of time, or click on individual users’ profiles to give them an exclusive trial. By giving out free trials, you give users a chance to enjoy your images and videos and see if they want to subscribe.

When a free trial ends!

How to offer a free trial

There are two ways to offer a free trial on OnlyFans. You can either offer a blanket promotion to everyone or offer a specific promotion to a user. If you want to offer a blanket promotion, you can head to your profile settings and choose the “Start a Profile Promotion Campaign” option. You can then set a discount of 100% for a free trial or a discounted amount for a limited time. If you want to offer a specific promotion to a user, you can click on the three dots on their profile and find the option to offer them an individual discount. It’s important to note that free trials on OnlyFans don’t work in the same way as many other websites. Once the trial ends, users won’t be automatically subscribed unless they cancel. Instead, their subscription will just end and they’ll need to manually re-subscribe. Because of this getting even 10% of subs to stick around requires a lot of great content.

Why offer free trials

When setting up free trials, it’s important to be selective about who you offer them to. While it can be tempting to try and capture as many free trials as possible, not everyone needs a trial to sign up. Instead, use free trials more sparingly and as a tool when you’re promoting yourself elsewhere. Individual promotions, in particular, can be a great tool if you’re chatting with someone elsewhere on the internet and think they might be interested. For broader offers, you can set a limit on the number of users getting free access too.

A great way to use free trials, is at the beginning when you are growing your page and need as many likes as possible. You post as much content as you can, get as many likes as you can, and then hopefully around 5-10% of free trial customers should stick after the trial period ends. If it is closer to 0% than 10%, the content needs to be improved.

The most important thing is to offer value that makes the user want to keep subscribing. If you give away all your content for a month but then only add a couple of new pictures or videos, they’re hardly going to want to keep paying. Keep adding fresh content throughout the trial, and talk about what content you’re going to add once their trial ends. This is the way to keep them hooked.

Be wary of giving out too many free trials... Hackerman is real!

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